Amnesty, Sentence Reduction, Pardons, Prisoner Class, Parole

Thailand Bail as well as our lawyers, solicitors, and partners, focuses on helping our clients avoid Thai prison. Spending time in a Thai jail is a negative experience, and we wish it on no one. However, the reality for some defendants is that they were


sentenced to jail. Whether they had poor legal representation, not enough money to pay for representation, or just had bad luck, the prisons in Thailand are filled with Thai and foreign prisoners. Thailand Bail’s lawyers are often contacted by families of those imprisoned for 1 years, 5 years, 20 years, 50 years, or life, to see if there is anything we can do to help. Whilst it is always better to hire a professional law firm in Thailand to work on your case before you get sentenced to jail, we are also able to assist with certain legal services after trial. These ‘post-trial services’ include amnesty applications, sentence reduction, pardon applications, increase in prisoner class inside the prisons, parole, and other similar services. On this information page, the lawyers of Thailand Bail review these different options in order to explain how viable they are for your friend or family member.

Amnesty in Thailand

The term ‘amnesty’ is often used in the Thai prisons to refer to all forms of post-trial legal services, but it is distinct from the others in unique ways. Amnesty occurs when a prisoner’s remaining prison term is ended before the term was supposed to end. Some examples include a prisoner who received a life sentence, but has served 20 years already being released. In addition, prisoners who have served 7 years of a 20 year sentence may receive amnesty for the remaining 13 years. In Thailand, the times when amnesty are usually given include the birthday of His Majesty and Her Majesty. Other holidays may provide an opportunity for amnesty to be given. However, it remains a mystery exactly why certain prisoners receive amnesty and others do not, in addition to the differences in when amnesty is applied to certain prisoners. Thailand Bail has assisted prisoners receive amnesty faster than they would have received it without assistance.

Sentence Reduction in Thailand

Sentence reduction is related to amnesty, but may also

thailand bail-prison-release

be applied based on good behavior, participation in certain programs, and other factors as determined by the relevant authorities in Thailand. Sentences can be reduced for other legal reasons, including appeals, but this will not be included in this article. Overall, Thailand Bail can assist with reducing the remaining sentence of a prisoner in Thailand by utilizing our proven strategy of applications and endorsements from the relevant authorities. While not as dramatic as amnesty, sentence reduction provides an excellent way to reliably and gradually lower the time that your friend or family member has to remain in a Thai prison.

Pardons in Thailand

Thailand Bail has a proven track record of preparing and delivering pardon applications to the relevant authorities in Thailand. This approach usually requires support from other diplomats in Thailand, but is a very effective way to have foreign prisoners released from Thai prison. We have accomplished this before, helping foreign prisoners be sent home from Thailand. We have helped people with sentences ranging from 2 years to 50 years in prison. The details of this can be discussed further if you contact Thailand Bail’s lawyers and solicitors.

Prisoner Class for Prisoners in Thailand

Prisoner class is also an important element of every prisoner in Thailand’s life. Currently there are five (5) classes of prisoner in each of the Thai prisons in the country. Ranging from class one (1) to class five (5), each prisoner class affords the prisoner different privileges and advantages over other prisoners. Prisoners with better classes are more likely to be chosen for pardons, parole, and amnesty, so it is a very important part of this area of Thai law. Thailand Bail’s lawyers and solicitors have experience helping advise on raising prisoner class, supporting new prisoners in gaining class, and other similar services.


Parole is permitted under Thai law, but there are certain requirements that must be met before parole will be considered. Thailand actually implemented a tracer bracelet / anklet system for certain eligible prisoners, so that they could essentially stay on house arrest, outside the prison. There is other information online about parole, but if you would like to discuss this option more in-depth with us, please send us an email or give us a call today.

Other Services

Thailand Bail has people visiting all the major prisons in Thailand on a weekly basis. This includes Klong Prem Prison in Nonthaburi (Bangkok), Bam Bat Klong Prem Prison in Nonthaburi (Bangkok), Klong Prem Central Prison, Klong Prem Women’s Prison, Samut Prakarn Prison, Phuket Prison, Prachuab Khiri Khan Prison, Koh Samui Prison, Chiang Mai Prison, Klong Phai Prison in Korat, Chiang Mai Prison (Men’s and Women’s) and other prisons in Thailand. We can provide visitation services to your friend or family member if it is not convenient for you to visit each week or each month.