Success Story #6: International Bail

International Bail Successful for a 8,500,000 THB Criminal Fraud Case Defendant

(Note: Thailand Bail respects the privacy of all of its clients and never discloses personal details about anyone who contacts us for consultation or legal services. Assumed names are used in these success story accounts in order to protect the privacy of these defendants).



One of our clients from Europe was facing a lot of stress revolving around a criminal case in Thailand that involved alleged fraud worth 8,500,000 THB. This is a large amount of money, and the defendant was facing prison time if convicted. The Thai justice system does not allow much room for people who need to raise funds to pay back a debt like this one, but we are specialists in applying for and being given international bail, also known as temporary release from the country, for our clients. We have done this countless times, and we know the exact process to follow for a successful application. Of course, no one can guarantee success – it is the judge’s decision. However, from our past experience, we have gotten international bail for 96% of the clients we took on. If we do not think there is a good chance of getting international bail, we will not take the case – it is as simple as that.


Achieving international bail is not an easy task, and this case was no different. Before taking on this case, we had meetings with our client and examined all possible ways for him to pay back the debt he owed to the plaintiffs / complainants in this case. However, as he did not have a job in Thailand and limited access to funds, he was unable to raise the amount of money named in the lawsuit – 8,500,000 THB.

After completing the necessary paperwork, one of our lawyers flew to the city where the court was, and was successful in getting international bail for this client. The next steps are for our client to leave Thailand, return to his home country, raise the necessary funds, and return before his next court date so that he can negotiate and repay the debt.


Our client was extremely happy with the result, as there was no way he could have raised the necessary funds from within Thailand. He was unsure about what to do, and this issue weighed heavily on his mind until we were able to provide much-needed help. International bail is not an easy thing to do in Thailand, and you will likely find that most lawyers do not know how to do, let alone get a positive result. From our experience dealing with countless court cases and judges, we know the facts that help each client’s unique situation, which has led to a very high success rate for our firm.


Service: International Bail

Prison: confidential

City: confidential, Thailand

Suspected Crime: Criminal fraud amounting to 8,500,000 THB, illegal forgery of documents

Result: International bail approved, client released out of the country temporarily.


If you or your loved one has a case similar to this, we can help. Please contact us today to find out how. If your case is different from this one, please review our sample cases to find one closer to your own.