Success Story #5: Visa Violation

Thailand Bail Saves Foreign Husband from Scheming Wife

(Note: Thailand Bail respects the privacy of all of its clients and never discloses personal details about anyone who contacts us for consultation or legal services. Assumed names are used in these accounts in order to protect the privacy of these defendants).



In this interesting case, a Thai woman (“Lek”) who was married to her American husband (“John”) wanted retribution. In order to cause trouble for her farang husband, Lek decided to keep careful track of John’s visa situation. On a calendar, Lek marked the last day that John could stay in Thailand on his current visa. Within days of his visa expiring, Lek reported John to the Immigration Police, and may have also added some untruthful stories into the report to make sure he was not released. Indeed, John was arrested and put in jail at the infamous Klong Prem Remand Center. By the time Thailand Bail heard about John’s situation, he had already been in jail for several days. After visiting John at Klong Prem, our international case specialist recommended the case to our legal team. Within 1 day, John was out on bail. Within 1 week, our negotiation lawyers were able to negotiate the visa issue down to a simple fine, and the charges against John were dropped.


There are many foreigners who come to Thailand to travel, work, or live for an extended period of time. Many foreigners fall in love with Thailand and all it has to offer, and many decide to marry with a local. While many married couples stay together for decades, others run into problems and separate. At times, this can lead to problems between the former lovers, and sometimes illegal actions result.

For foreigners, staying on top of the Thai visa situation can be a complicated process. Many foreigners decide to hire visa agents to take care of the complexities of applying for certain visas in Thailand, and others decide to do it themselves. For those who handle their own Thai visa application, it is important to stay current. Usually, overstaying a Thai visa results in a simple fine of 500 Thai baht per day, with an official maximum charge of 20,000 Thai baht. However, the Immigration Police have the right to arrest foreigners who are in Thailand illegally, although they usually do not without some prompting from someone else.


John’s wife was one of those people who wanted to prompt the Immigration Police to make an arrest based on visa overstay. John told us that he was also accused of some other small things that he thought made the Immigration Police locate him and arrest him. There was nothing John could do, because the police would not accept the overstay fee. John was approached by some scamming lawyers but did not accept their services. So, John went to the Klong Prem Remand Center for several days.


John was able to have a friend visit him at Klong Prem Remand Center who recommended Thailand Bail’s bail service as a solution to get out of prison and fight the ridiculous charges. One of Thailand Bail’s international case specialists went down to the prison to visit with John and get the details from the police regarding the charges. Within 1 day, we were able to successfully post bail for John, and he was released the same evening.


Since John was happy with the service he received from Thailand Bail during his bail proceedings, he hired us again to negotiate the charges. Thailand Bail’s negotiation lawyers met with the Immigration Police and negotiated a small fine to be paid for the overstay, and charges were then dropped. John’s bail money was released to him, and he went back to life as normal. Now John makes sure he renews his visa a few days before the expiration date.


Client:  “John”

Prison: Klong Prem Bangkok Remand Center

City: Bangkok, Thailand

Suspected Crime: Visa violation

Result: Bail successful, charges dropped


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