Success Story #1: Drugs

Bail Accepted in Thailand for Difficult Drug Case

(Note: Thailand Bail respects the privacy of all of its clients and never discloses personal details about anyone who contacts us for consultation or legal services. Assumed names are used in these success story accounts in order to protect the privacy of these defendants).



A young woman (“Sara”) was arrested in Bangkok after being suspected of selling methamphetamine tablets in the city. At first, Sara decided to not tell anyone of her situation, and spent around 4 weeks in the Women’s Prison at Klong Prem in Bangkok. After Sara’s boyfriend, who was in Europe at the time, finally found out where she was, he contacted Thailand Bail’s legal team to process bail for her. Within just 2 days, we were able to successfully post bail for Sara, and she was given freedom. Drug possession cases are difficult to get bail, but cases involving drug dealers are even more challenging. However, Thailand Bail was able to accomplish this with precise document filing and convincing legal opinion.


Drug cases are very serious in Thailand, with both public sentiment and legal opinion highly negative of those involved in drug crimes. Around 10 years ago, the Thai government carried out a heavy-handed campaign to eradicate the country of drug dealers. Many people suspected of being drug dealers were imprisoned or even killed during police raids. These restrictions on the supply of methamphetamine and other narcotics caused the price of a ya ba (meth + caffeine) tablet to rise from around $1 USD to $10 USD or more. Unfortunately, the opportunity to make money from these pills, mostly imported from neighboring Myanmar (Burma), has become attractive to many young adults, both foreign and Thai.

Legally, it is very hard to post bail in drug cases, since judges have been trained in a very anti-drug education system. However, Thai law does not totally restrict bail being granted for those involved in drug crimes.


Sara was initially very embarrassed about her arrest, and she did not want other people to find out about it. In addition, communication with the outside world is difficult from behind bars at Klong Prem, especially for a new prisoner. When Sara was arrested in Bangkok, she was processed at the police station and then transferred to Klong Prem Prison’s Women’s Section. She stayed there for around 4 weeks before her boyfriend could locate her, through some mutual friends who were also in Thailand at the time.


Finally, when Sara’s boyfriend found out where she had been for the past 4 weeks, he contacted Thailand Bail’s lawyers to work on the case. We accepted the job, even though it was difficult, and proceeded to collect the necessary case files. It was discovered that the judge presiding over this particular case might consider a bail amount of 500,000 Thai baht (approximately $16,000 USD). Upon the bail lawyer’s legal advice, Sara’s boyfriend sent the bail money plus the legal fees to Thailand Bail. After collecting the essential background and list of people involved in Sara’s case, Thailand Bail went to the court with the bail money and court documents to apply for bail.


Fortunately for Sara, the judge saw the reason and logic in the bail request presented by our legal team. She was released from Klong Prem Women’s Prison in Bangkok the same evening around 8:30pm, and was greeted by Thailand Bail’s lead lawyer and international case specialist to celebrate her release.


Client:  “Sara”

Prison: Klong Prem Women’s Prison

City: Bangkok, Thailand

Suspected Crime: Selling illegal drugs

Result: Bail approved, defendant released


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