Thailand Bail Wishes Our Clients and Partners a Happy New Year 2018

As we come to the end of 2017, Thailand Bail reflects on the year that was 2017. We would like to wish all of our past clients in 2017, as well as our current clients going into 2018 together with us, a happy new year 2018. 2017 was a successful year for the firm, having won several huge criminal cases in the courts of Bangkok, Pattaya, Buriram, Udon Thani, and Phuket, amongst others. 2017 also saw a significant crackdown on immigration issues, particularly automatic blacklisting for even 1 day of overstay, if not self-reported. This has presented a challenge to foreigners who would have normally let a few days of overstay slip, as a matter of convenience or cost. 2017 also saw our firm expand into Cambodia for the first time, representing a well-known defendant there. Thailand Bail looks forward to another successful year in 2018, assisting both foreign and Thai defendants and plaintiffs manage their criminal cases, immigration Read more

Thailand Bail Wins! Death Penalty Drug Case Dismissed for Our Client

On 28 September 2017, Thailand Bail’s lawyers got the result we have been fighting for during the last 16 months – a not guilty verdict for a huge 394,200 ya-ba pill drug case in the Bangkok Criminal Court. This is a landmark decision, since the death penalty was an option for the judges in this case. There were 8 defendants, and less than half of them had their cases dismissed, and this included our client. The other 5 defendants got the death penalty, reduced to life in prison. Thailand Bail has been defending clients in drug cases for many years, and have won a large percentage of the drug cases we take on. Bail was denied for our client, since the amount of drugs was so high, so it was not easy to complete our defense. However, after 16 months of work, we got the positive result we fought for. Our clients are extremely happy, as Read more

What Most Thai Lawyers Don’t Tell You – The Case Visa

What is a case visa? Before we reveal the answer about the case visa (also known as a defendant’s visa), we invite you to read our detailed information page about the case visa on the Thailand Bail website. After reading about what our Thai solicitors can do for you if you are a defendant in a criminal case in Thailand, please read our stories below. Thailand Bail’s Thai and international legal experts know the importance of the case visa. We learned this over the years, seeing other Thai lawyers’ defendants suffer because of a lack of information or wrong information about the case visa. Thailand Bail believes the old saying, “knowledge is power,” because most lawyers in Thailand do not provide full information to their clients. However, our solicitors Read more

Thailand Bail Wins: Over 18M Baht Saved for Our Client

We recently published a new success story based on a big win for our firm Thailand Bail. We do not publish success stories for all of our cases, but this one in particular was substantial. This case was related to both an extradition case as well as a criminal case lodged against our client, and this complication made our job much more difficult. However, we were successful in winning this 18.1 million baht case. Thailand Bail is proud of the accomplishments of its team, and is pleased to add this success story regarding money laundering to our list of major case wins. Please read the full story about Thailand Bail’s recent success defending against Read more

Blacklisted in Thailand: What to do if Thai Immigration Blacklisted You

“I tried to fly into Bangkok but immigration refused to let me enter the country because they said I was blacklisted.” We have heard this story told by many people who have had the unpleasant experience of being blacklisted by Thai immigration and refused entry into the country. Getting blacklisted is a waste of time and money. Our lawyers and staff have received many requests for help from people who get stopped at Don Meuang International Airport (DMK) or Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). However, it is much easier for our lawyers to assist with your potential blacklist before you get stopped – and potentially arrested – for trying to enter Read more

Thailand Bail Helps People Get Out of Jail

Thailand Bail has been helping people get out of jail for decades. In Thailand lawyers can be used to provide a guarantee as well as legal assistance for those who have been detained by the police or the court. We make a point of having 24 hour service for emergency situations where your friend or family gets arrested in Thailand. We are active in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samut Prakarn, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, as well as every province in Thailand. What sets Thailand Bail apart from other copycat law firms is that we have a focus on bail and criminal defense. We are capable of providing support for civil cases, family cases, immigration cases, as well as other legal Read more

The Case for the Case Visa in Thailand

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our own clients, as well as clients of Thai lawyers and Thai law firms, has to do with what sort of visa defendants in Thailand can receive whilst their cases are ongoing. This is a very important topic, as it can save defendants from getting charged with another crime, getting deported out of Thailand, or blacklisted from entering Thailand. In today’s post, we will make the case for the case visa and explain the benefits to remaining legal in Thailand. This post is about case visas in Thailand and will be of particular importance for people who have a case in Thailand. This includes defendants who have been granted bail from the Thai court Read more

Thailand Bail Featured on RIA Novosti (Russian News)

On 12 August 2016, Thailand Bail was featured in an article by major Russian news company RIA Novosti, part of the RT group. The article highlights the work from Thailand Bail on a major Thailand – Russia – USA extradition case. Within the first day, thousands of people read this article, which was expertly written about the case of Dmitry Ukrainskiy, Russian national who was detained in Thailand pending an FBI investigation. Thailand Bail represents a wide variety of clients from many countries, including Russia and the United States. While we will not comment directly on cases that we are actively working on, we do encourage you to read the article. It is in the original Russian language below, as well as the translated version in English above the Russian Read more

Criminal Gangs in Thailand (Financial Crimes)

As a criminal defense law firm, Thailand Bail encounters all kinds of cases, ranging from drug cases to murder cases to financial crimes cases. We have written quite a lot about the first two topics, so today we would like to address the financial crimes topic. Criminal gangs are largely to blame for many of the financial crimes committed by foreigners, specifically in ATM card fraud and online scamming. Most of our clients who have been accused of electronic card fraud in Thailand come from Malaysia, China, and various European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. Our clients who have been accused of online scams typically come from African countries. This is not Read more

No One Plans to Go to a Thai Prison

Getting arrested in Thailand, going to a Thai prison, and working with a good lawyer in Thailand typically is unexpected. Most of the people we have represented in court did not intend to get arrested. It was simply not in their plans. This is the nature of getting arrested in Thailand and defending yourself against criminal charges in a Thai court. A recent story reported by the Bangkok Post reminded us of how easily one can get arrested in Thailand. As the newspaper reports, a Chinese man named Zhou Hongzhi was feeding fish at an island near Phuket with his Thai tour guide when the police detained him and arrested him for the act. The Chinese man was Read more