Thailand Bail Wins! Death Penalty Drug Case Dismissed for Our Client

On 28 September 2017, Thailand Bail’s lawyers got the result we have been fighting for during the last 16 months – a not guilty verdict for a huge 394,200 ya-ba pill drug case in the Bangkok Criminal Court. This is a landmark decision, since the death penalty was an option for the judges in this case. There were 8 defendants, and less than half of them had their cases dismissed, and this included our client. The other 5 defendants got the death penalty, reduced to life in prison. Thailand Bail has been defending clients in drug cases for many years, and have won a large percentage of the drug cases we take on. Bail was denied for our client, since the amount of drugs was so high, so it was not easy to complete our defense. However, after 16 months of work, we got the positive result we fought for. Our clients are extremely happy, as Read more

Getting Arrested in Thailand (Part 2)

We have previously written about getting arrested in Thailand, but with recent criminal cases coming to our office, we decided to write another post on the topic. Getting arrested in Thailand and knowing how to bail out of this situation are important skills to have if you face criminal charges in Thailand. Thailand Bail is unique in that we offer free advice over the phone to people who have been arrested. Going to jail is not on anyone’s to-do list when they arrive in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, or other location here. Thailand Bail provides free legal advice on how to respond to police interrogation and other initial investigation Read more

How to Fight and Win Drug Cases in Thailand

Thailand Bail has established itself as the premier bail – focused law firm in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and the rest of Thailand. In addition to this expertise, Thailand Bail has been gaining notoriety in Klong Prem Remand Prison, Klong Prem Bam Bat Prison, Nong Pla Lai Prison, and other prisons around the country for successfully fighting and winning drug cases in Thailand. The drug laws in Thailand are notoriously tough, with foreigners and Thais alike receiving life sentences for relatively small amounts of drugs. This is due to the automatic minimum sentencing laws and the associated quantities. For example, having 1 gram of a class 1 narcotic Read more

Large Drug Case Win! Thailand Bail Wins Again in Bangkok Criminal Court (28 July 2015)

Thailand Bail has won its year-long drug case in the Bangkok Criminal Court today, bringing further validation to our strategy with seemingly impossible drug cases in Thailand. Ask any law firm in Thailand about their feelings for drug cases – many lawyers will not even accept drug cases because they are difficult. Other lawyers take on drug cases but do not know how to formulate a proper defense. Today’s win in the Ratchada court verifies the defense we put together for our client, a Russian national. For those who have drug cases Read more