The Bail Process

Thailand Bail is the oldest and largest bail law firm in Thailand, focusing 100% on the bail process / negotiation and getting your loved ones out of prison as quickly as possible. Other lawyers may claim to be able to assist you with the bail process in Thailand, but they are not dedicated specifically to this specialty of law, and may actually cause a negative impact to the case. Instead of having your family, friend, or partner spend another uncomfortable day, week, or month in Thai prison, contact us now to see how we can help.


It typically takes 6-12 months for a case to go to trial, and Thai prison is not the best place to stay during this time. In some cases, we are able to have charges dropped, thus avoiding trial altogether, and reuniting you with your loved ones permanently. For more questions about the conditions in Thai police stations holdings cells and Thai prisons, please read through our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section found here. Also, feel free to contact us immediately if you have an urgent issue related to bail in Thailand.

Bail is always an option, and it is mandatory for judges to consider bail for every criminal case. Bail can be granted when the accused is under police custody, or when the defendant is facing charges from the Public Prosecutor. Unfortunately, understanding your rights in Thailand can be difficult. Having the wrong legal representation, or no lawyer at all, can cause unnecessary prison time. If your family, friend, or partner is currently in Thai prison, we can help. Thailand Bail was started with one goal in mind – to help those incarcerated in Thailand to get out of jail in a legal and timely fashion.


For over 40 years, our head lawyer Khun Sanchai Wattanabunyakul has been working on bail cases in the Thai court system. Thailand Bail is the oldest and largest bail law firm in Thailand. We have seen many cases come and go through our law firm, and we have even shared a few of our success stories here on this website. In almost every case, Thailand Bail’s legal team has been able to get our clients out on bail, help them get charges dropped or have a speedy trial with no jail time, and finally get back their freedom.


Bail is the most important step in getting out of Thai jail or police custody. This allows your loved one to await the next step of the legal process out of Thai prison. No other Thai bail service works as quickly or effectively as Thailand Bail. Once the bail funds have been collected, we post bail the same day, and our clients are released from jail the same day evening. Thailand Bail always has international case specialists and the lawyer working the case waiting for our clients at the prison they are being released from. We make sure that our clients find a safe, comfortable place to stay and that they have everything they need.

Thailand Bail also offers continuous criminal defense attorney services, so that our clients receive a “not-guilty” verdict at the conclusion of the trial. The Thai legal system has a defined timeline of events that happen, and it is important to have legal assistance as soon as possible, since there are certain legal options available early in the incarceration process.


Whether it is posting bail, negotiating charges to be dropped, or preparing a defense, we work with our foreign and Thai clients in a professional but affordable way. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous lawyers in Thailand who go after foreign clients with big promises and big fees, but do little actual work. In contrast, the Thai lawyers working here have been trained in the customs and culture of Western countries, and the level of service is the same as one would find in North America or Europe. We encourage potential clients to look into other legal firms in Thailand, because we are confident that we provide the best level of service at the best prices.

Together, the partners, assistants, and advisors of Thailand Bail will provide clarity to confusing legal cases here. Every case is unique, and understanding the Thai legal code is complicated. However, our Thai lawyers and foreign advisors are able to examine each case effectively, examining it from both a Thai and an international perspective.